Robert Euvino

Robert Euvino

简介:Robert Euvino简介 Robert Euvino of Night Owl Productions Inc. has been composing music for mixed media since before the advent of the CD-ROM. 概要 Graduating in 1990, he studied music composition & theory, psychology, and computer science at The University at Albany (SUNY). He earned an additional degree in audio engineering at A.R.T.I. (Audio Recording Technology Institute). Upon graduation he subsequently taught courses in recording and MIDI technology at the same college. His first published works were for the multimedia edutainment company Westwind Media. There, as lead sound designer he helped produce six titles including the highly regarded 'DinoSource' in 1993, which for its time was considered state of the art in educational software. Robert continued to contribute to the educational multimedia industry by lending his skills to the New Jersey based company Intellipro Inc., a leading interactive content company that develops, markets, and supports software applications and publishing tools for academic, professional, and corporate use. Robert's foray into the video game industry started with his score for the highly succesful Caesar 3 by Sierra Online, and since that time he has created a strong name for himself through his music and sonic creations. In addition to countless smaller gigs, Robert has been the lead sound designer and composer for all of the game titles produced by Firefly Studios Inc., (based in both London and Connecticut), including the award winning castle building series, Stronghold. Robert has also worked as a studio advisor on many occasions. As far back as the early 90's he acted as a paid consultant for the famed and influential record producer Jack Douglas, known for producing and engineering classic albums by such artists as John Lennon, Aerosmith, The Who, Cheap Trick, and many more. Robert helped Jack design and set up his own personal home studio while bringing him up to date on the latest MIDI technology of the time.Wearing multiple hats - producer, composer, engineer, sound designer, foley artist, director, computer tech (albeit a poor one) and studio maid to name a few - has kept him extremely busy, but occasionally he loans his studio and skills to outside projects. Interestingly Robert's work within the gaming field led to an unexpected pairing with folk legend Pete Seeger. Robert engineered, mastered, and played the Hammond Organ on one of the songs for Pete's album 'Seeds', which went on to be nominated for a Grammy (best traditional folk album). Seeds is a compilation of Pete's classics, old and new, and was recorded at many different studios throughout the world. One of the other songs on the album was recorded with the help and personal studio of David Gilmour, best known as the guitarist, lead singer, and one of the main songwriters in the band Pink Floyd. While Robert didn't work with Mr. Gilmour directly he was thrilled to collaborate on the same album with one of his longtime idols.In 2007 Robert recorded the narrative voiceovers for the recent film 'Racing Daylight', starring Academy Award nominees David Srathairn (best actor, "Good Night, and Good Luck", 2006) and Melissa Leo (best actress, "Frozen River", 2009).