中文名:林翰宇 国籍:中国 出生地:中国台湾 职业:歌手 代表作:Room 335 简介:“灵性男子”LINION 是以 Neo-Soul、R&B 为核心曲风的台湾唱作人。以贝斯为主奏乐器,LINION 于 2016 年自美国洛杉矶 MI 音乐学院毕业,返台后透过 SoundCloud 结识独立厂牌“奇清唱片”,并于 2018 年合作推出首张专辑《Me In Dat Blue》,收获关注入围第十届金音创作奖“最佳节奏蓝调专辑奖”。 LINION 曾在洗脑单曲〈Room 335〉中融入唐诗,私密的情感纪录浮现东方的灵性哲思。性情自由的他,在 2020 年与日本乐团 THREE1989 释出合作曲〈Horoyoi Karasu〉,同年 9 月发行第二张创作专辑《Leisurely》,探索都市人的社群焦虑与心灵解药,专辑释出后获得广大回响,入选 Hit Fm 2020 年度十大专辑,并入围第 12 届金音创作奖四项大奖,最终获得“最佳节奏蓝调专辑奖”奖项肯定。 LINION is a soulful singer and songsmith from Taiwan, whose main genres are Neo-Soul and R&B. With the electric bass as his core instrument of study, LINION graduated from the Musicians Institute in Los Angeles in 2016. After returning to Taiwan, he got acquainted with the team at independent label Chiching Records through SoundCloud, and they jointly released his debut album Me In Dat Blue in 2018. The album garnered attention and was a nominee for the Best R&B Album at the 10th Golden Indie Music Awards, a significant and highly sought-after music ceremony in Taiwan. A noteworthy highlight of LINION from his previous music works is the 2018 earworm single "Room 335," where LINION incorporates Tang Poetry (ancient Chinese poems from the Tang Dynasty) into the song. The intimate lyrics are rich in emotions and capture and give insights into Eastern spiritual philosophy, a topic of passionate interest for LINION. With a carefree disposition, LINION is always on the lookout for creative and exciting chemistry. He released a collaboration single "Horoyoi Karasu'' with the pop-soul trio THREE1989 from Japan in June 2020. In September of the same year, LINION released his long-awaited sophomore album Leisurely, which explores the social anxieties and spiritual cure for modern-day city life. The highly acclaimed album received four major category nominations at the 12th Golden Indie Music Awards, including Best Album (General Field), Best R&B Album, Best R&B Song, and Best Alternative Pop Song, ultimately taking home the prize for Best R&B Album.