简介:Rombai简介 来自乌拉圭的音乐组合Rombai,成立于2013年。 Rombai简介 Fer Vázquez is the lead vocalist, songwriter and producer of the Uruguayan band Rombai. In late 2013, he formed his group with some friends in college as an excuse to hangout and have fun. They spent 2014 working on their material and released their debut single “Locuras Contigo” (Crazy Things with You) on social media. Surprised at the positive reaction, Rombai realized that it could truly have a promising career.The popularity of “Locuras Contigo” soon spilled outside Uruguay. In February 2015, the group released its second single “Yo También” (Me Too).Rombai's success left fans clamoring for more material, which made Rombai one of Uruguay's most successful musical acts.In 2016, the group invited the alluring Argentine singer Emilia Mernes to join. Hitting the festival circuit, Rombai performed in cities and towns across Uruguay, Argentina, Chile, Paraguay, Bolivia, Ecuador, Peru and Brazil.In 2018, the group signed a management deal with WK Entertainment, whose clients include Carlos Vives, Maluma, Wisin, CNCO and many more. Launching a tour in Chile, the group concluded things on a high note with a crowd of over 120,000 in Talca. It was also the last group performance with Emilia Mernes, who launched a solo career.Great news for the band continued, as it signed with Sony Music US Latin. The 2018 Rombai features the new members Valeria Emiliani (La Vale) from Colombia, and Megumi Bowles (Megu), from Bolivia.