Static Movement

Static Movement

简介:Static Movement简介 由Shahar Shtrikman创立的电子音乐项目 详情介绍 Static Movement is made up by Shahar Shtrikman, born in 1984 and living in israel.Heres his story.Shahars involvement in music started in the early childhood, sounds of the piano in the living room, and his mother, (a great classical music player and teacher), being a great influence to him.Six years old, he was playing piano and liked it a lot. In the year 1996, while he discoverd goa trance, Shahar sat down with some friends, who showed him “Impulse Tracker”, a program for producing music. After some time of initial producing, he started a new goa trance project under the name “Impulser”.After experimenting with various sequencers Shahar decided to study sound engineering to become professional. In 2006 he moved to Tel Aviv and started his studies at “yoav gera sound school”. Meanwhile he was working in a recording studio named “Oz studios” for two years. There he gained alot of experience, recording punk rock, metal, alternative rock among other genres, using both analog and digital equipment.In 2011 Shahar started to produce progressive trance and instantly realized that this was what he was looking for, to express his feelings music wise and write music with story telling, in combination with his piano skills. From the begining it became obvious that Shahar were in for something big. He have since been releasing alot of his music with the best labels in the world, and his project Static Movement quickly became sought after in many parts of the global map, like Australia, Europe and South America, gaining him alot of fans around the world in the process.In early 2014 Static Movement were signed exclusivly to Iboga Records.