Terry Oldfield

Terry Oldfield

外文名:Terry Oldfield 中文名:特瑞.欧菲尔德 国籍:英国 生日:1949-08-12 职业:长笛演奏家 简介:特瑞·欧菲尔德 Terry Oldfield,英国心灵音乐大师,他以独特的眼光去观察自然与生命,创作出很多耐人寻味的新世纪音乐作品。其作品《A Time For Peace 平和时分》荣获音乐最高荣誉——“格莱美”大奖。 一门三英杰,Oldfield家族三兄妹,个个都是音乐界的奇才,相对Michael Oldfield的电子音乐风格,另2兄妹作品却是经典的新世纪音乐,无论演奏,作曲或者吟唱,都充满了人性的温馨和快乐,缥缈的感觉。 特瑞·欧菲尔德 Terry Oldfield擅长运用悠扬缥缈的长笛、钢琴、竖琴、大提琴、古典吉他还有各种模仿自然的美妙声音,为听者营造一个轻松平和自然优美的音乐环境,令人充分放松进入甜蜜的怀想…… 在冥想、舒缓音乐大类中,Terry Oldfield 的作品堪称经典收藏品。 \另外有件事情必须要提一下,Terry Oldfield 特瑞·欧菲尔德 是著名新世纪音乐大师 Mike Oldfield 麦克·欧菲尔德 的哥哥,他还有个妹妹 Sally Oldfield 莎莉·欧菲尔德(Mike Oldfield 麦克·欧菲尔德 的姐姐)虽然名气不如这兄弟俩,但是在欧洲的新世纪女声这一领域还是有相当的名气,堪称新世纪音乐之家啊。 简介:一门三英杰,Oldfield家族三兄妹,个个都是音乐界的奇才,相对Michael Oldfield的电子音乐风格,另2兄妹作品却是经典的新世纪音乐,无论演奏,作曲或者吟唱,都充满了人性的温馨和快乐,缥缈的感觉。<br/> 特瑞·欧菲尔德 Terry Oldfield,英国心灵音乐大师,他以独特的眼光去观察自然与生命,创作出很多耐人寻味的新世纪音乐作品。其作品《A Time For Peace 平和时分》荣获音乐最高荣誉——“格莱美”大奖。<br/> 特瑞·欧菲尔德 Terry Oldfield擅长运用悠扬缥缈的长笛、钢琴、竖琴、大提琴、古典吉他还有各种模仿自然的美妙声音,为听者营造一个轻松平和自然优美的音乐环境,令人充分放松进入甜蜜的怀想……<br/> 在冥想、舒缓音乐大类中,Terry Oldfield 的作品堪称经典收藏品。<br/> 另外有件事情必须要提一下,Terry Oldfield 特瑞·欧菲尔德 是著名新世纪音乐大师 Mike Oldfield 麦克·欧菲尔德 的哥哥,他还有个妹妹 Sally Oldfield 莎莉·欧菲尔德(Mike Oldfield 麦克·欧菲尔德 的姐姐)虽然名气不如这兄弟俩,但是在欧洲的新世纪女声这一领域还是有相当的名气,堪称新世纪音乐之家啊。 <br/> 早年经历:Born in Palmers Green, North London, Oldfield and his siblings were raised in the Roman Catholic faith of their mother, Maureen. Oldfield spent his childhood partly in Dublin and partly in Reading, Berkshire. He later attended a Benedictine monastery school and also spent a few terms at the Oratory School in Woodcote, Oxfordshire. His earliest musical experiences were in the myriad of folk clubs that sprang up in the UK during the late 1960s and early 1970s, listening to the songs of Leonard Cohen, Bert Jansch, John Renbourn and Bob Dylan. Oldfield left school at 16 to travel the world and worked as a roadie for various bands including The Byrds. During an extended stay on the Greek island of Hydra, he took up his first musical instrument, the flute. "I think it was learning to play in this way, with no formal guidance, that allowed me to develop the ability to compose music. I spent many happy days improvising tunes and discovering scales and arpeggios for myself, and soon started to teach myself to write these things down". Terry's only formal music training was in Agra, India where he spent some time learning to play the tabla. In the early 1970s, Terry and his brother Mike formed a band called 'Barefoot' (or 'Barefeet') playing rock'n'roll at colleges and clubs throughout the UK. Mike later went on to record the highly successful Tubular Bells and Terry played the flute in the live performance at the Queen Elizabeth Hall, june 25, 1973, London. Terry also appears on Mike's albums Hergest Ridge (woodwind – uncredited), Ommadawn (pan-pipes) and extensively on Incantations (flute) 独奏:Terry, his brother Mike and his sister Sally all completed the Exegesis Programme Large Group Awareness Training course. Terry recorded a piece of flute music which was used to accompany the last section of the course.[citation needed] Oldfield's career began in earnest when he was asked by the BBC to compose music for a series called Great Railway Journeys of the World. Since then Oldfield has composed music for over 50 film and TV productions, receiving two Emmy nominations for Land of the Tiger and Twilight of the Dreamtime and a BAFTA nomination for the BBC series Kingdom of the Ice Bear. He also worked on Meerkats United, which in a National Television Poll was voted 'Best Wildlife Film Ever'. Oldfield had a relationship with New World Music, one of the world's leading 'World' music labels, for over 10 years and has a back catalogue of over 15 recordings. In 2001, Oldfield signed a multi-record contract with New Earth Records in Santa Fe, New Mexico. His work contains a wide range of ideas and influences and has sold over one million units worldwide. Currently Oldfield has been looking at new directions to take his music. "Recently I have found the advent of Global music very inspiring. Especially the Amnesty International Concerts".[2] In 2001, Oldfield moved to Australia.