Doctor Flake

Doctor Flake

简介:来自于法国的Abstract hip-hop Trip-Hop艺人Doctor Flake有“音乐外科医生”之称,作品注重氛围感大量的运用电音吉他现场感很足创造身临其境的感觉。 Doctor FLAKE is a French producer and composer evolving in the Hip Hop/Abstract/Trip Hop styles like a kind of a musical surgeon, a medical expert of musical cutting. His production started in 2001 by developing his own mainly instrumental musical universe based on already existing materials. These various extracts are then thoroughly and accurately dismembered and dissected before being reassembled and rearranged to create a new living track. While sampling hidden nuggets he exhumed from dubious forgotten EPs, Doctor FLAKE carries out a both obscure and dazzling sound, combining mental illness and repressed rage to result in a literally picturesque way. Doctor Flake can play Live or Dj , Live is composed of Doctor Flake (Laptop, keyboard, sampler, effects) Vale Poher (vocals, guitar) Miscellaneous (Mc/Vocals) and Visual stories.