Bruno From Ibiza

Bruno From Ibiza

简介: 个人简介:<br/>Born in the North of France in 1969, BRUNO came to Ibiza for the first time in 1994. After playing his personal style in local bars, he opened up his own record store.In 1997, he became the new resident DJ at CAFE DEL MAR replacing JOSE PADILLA. In 1998, BRUNO released his first compilation with REACT called REAL IBIZA. He was also guest DJ in the biggest clubs of the island, like Pacha, Space, Privilege and Amnesia. In 1999 he carried out a new project with CAFE DEL MAR MUSIC : CHILL HOUSE MIX. Starting then, he was going abroad to present his Pure Balearic Style. He also attended the MIAMI Winter Music Conference for first time.Year 2000 was a historical date in BRUNO′s career: - the celebration of CAFE DEL MAR&amp;apos;s 20th anniversary - the best-selling compilation from CAFE DEL MAR ever - VOL.7- the CHIVAS REGAL TOUR for 3 weeks around AUSTRALIA and ASIAIn 2001, BRUNO kept on doing the compilations for Café del Mar ( CHILL HOUSE MIX 2, DREAMS 2 ). He also shared the JAFFA north american tour : 3 weeks around CANADA and USA.In between, he realised a new project: the GLOBAL LOUNGE SESSION- IBIZA.BRUNO started the year 2002 touring in BRASIL. He played before DANIELA MERCURY for an audience of 150.000 people. The same year he compiled VOL.9 and CHILL HOUSE MIX 3, both on CAFé DEL MAR’s label.That summer, BRUNO came back as a House DJ in Ibiza Clubs: “Balearic People” at Privilege and “Another Paradise” at Pin-Up.In 2003, he released CAFé DEL MAR vol.10 and DREAMS 3 and a chill-out mix CD called LES AMBASSADEURS.The next year, he was covering new territories,including Eastern Europe, Middle-East and South America, playing mostly house &amp; electro. He was also part of the first LOVE PàRADE in CHILE.On the production side, he did vol.11 with CAFé DEL MAR and worked on new tracks for his forthcoming album. 2005 : This winter BRUNO FROM IBIZA went to South America, playing in CHILE and VENEZUELA. He has also been part of the first Love Parade.<br/> 音乐专辑:Puzzle<br/> 音乐作品:<br/>1.Funk You<br/>2.Flutaion p.2<br/>3.Castillos de Arena<br/>4.Esa Magia<br/>5.Jazzy change<br/>6.Jungle Light<br/>7.Nobody knows<br/>8.On Your Skin<br/>9.One<br/>