简介:Durs is Jesús Moreno, one of the youngest and most interesting mexican electronic projects. He began his career as a child, playing the violin with the best mexican performers. After six years, he started trying with genres like jazz, blues and psycodelic rock, playing the double bass and also violin. Later, he gets involved in the electronic music scene and started making his own sounds, proving genres like progressive, trance and house.Durs was created in 2009, a unique project of its kind, a mixture of genres with a powerful and elegant result. He is working with some recognized record labels, like Spin Twist Records, Uxmal Records, YellowSunshineExplosion, Nuuktal Records, Sonesta Records and others. He has released his first EPs with excellent results. He also has worked in leading compilations and important remixes, of artist like Interactive Noise, Ojos, Vertex, Nan Ferrari and some others. He is playing all around the country confirming the ability of his sound and surprising us with his fresh style.Recently was released for sale his EP called Ludique, with an excellent response of the audience and conquering the firsts positions in sales at Beatport.Now you can get Eraserhead EP, his latest material. Definitely, an excellent proposal for fans of the genre in search of new trends. Durs is now working on his album debut and making interesting collaborations that will keep our attention.