Serenade in B flat, K.361 "Gran partita" - Mozart: Serenade in B flat, K.361 "Gran partita" - 6. Thema con 6 variazioni (Andante)

  • 专辑:Mozart: The Wind Serenades
  • 语种: 纯音乐
  • 流派:Classical
  • 唱片公司:Decca Music Group Ltd.
  • 发行时间:1998-01-01




The sixth movement is a set of six variations on an andante theme in B flat major. The theme is presented primarily by the solo clarinet. The variations make use of various rhythmic motives and often feature solo instruments; for example, the first variation features the solo oboe. Unlike the other variations, all of which are in B flat major, the fourth variation is in B flat minor. The last two variations are in different tempos from the rest of the movement: the fifth is marked Adagio, while the sixth is marked Allegretto. The last variation is also in triple meter, in contrast with the other variations, which are in duple meter.