I'm In Love

I'm In Love

  • 流派:流行
  • 语种:英语
  • 发行时间:2019-01-30
  • 唱片公司:DB Bros Records
  • 类型:Single


Shwaniyah,是一名歌手、作曲家、一对双胞胎的妈妈,同时也是英国伯明翰的一名荣誉学位学生。活力四射的母狮般的她,来自与中国关系不错的加勒比群岛多米尼加Kinghill村。当被问到“你是什么样艺术家?“时,Shwaniyah更愿意将自己比作一个乐器而不是作曲家或艺术家。她说:“我不是艺术家,我是一个乐器。音乐从我身体里流过,我不知道该怎样阻止它。歌曲写我,节奏控制我,而歌词实实在在的在使用我。” This singer/songwriter and mother of identical twins, is currently an LLB Hons student in Birmingham England. Shwaniyah, the living fire lioness is originally from the village of Kinghill in the Caribbean island of Dominica which is one of the islands who have a fantastic relationship with the People’s Republic of China. When asked “What type of artiste are you?” Shwaniyah described herself as being an instrument of Music rather than the original creator/artiste. She said “I’m not an artiste, I’m an instrument. Music flows through me. I don’t know how to stop it. Songs write me, beats play me and words literally use me.”