• 流派:Reggae 雷鬼
  • 语种:其他
  • 发行时间:2018-09-13
  • 唱片公司:DB Bros Records
  • 类型:录音室专辑


这是MEXITALIA!这张专辑在欧洲、美国和亚洲制作并构思,以意大利音乐家和制作人deDUBros的作品为特色,由来自中国大陆的唯一一个雷鬼音乐品牌DB BROS发行。 deDUBros Boomker的工作室位于佛罗伦萨,与他合作的声音有SistaFreedom,Lengualerta,Dub Dillah,Apoff in Dub,Rastari Minajah等艺人…该作品中还包括《LET DEM A COME》的MV,这是专辑中的第一首歌曲,是由Prispin Boys导演,deDUBros自行制作的视频 这张专辑的封面是由Bianca Sardonini创作的,她是来自费伦泽的18岁天才艺术家。 无论从东方到西方,相信你们都会喜欢这些作品… Perhaps one of the most important thing that the global world in his social media and fast connection era allows you to do is to break boundaries and connect with people all over the world. This is MEXITALIA! An album produced and conceived across Europe, America and Asia featuring the work of the italian musician and producers deDUBros with seven amazing artists outta the Mexican reggae and dub scene, released by DB BROS the one and only original reggae label from China mainland. Roots tracks recorded and produced by deDUBros at Boomker Sound, their own studio based in Firenze, that meet the voices and the talent of Sista Freedom, Lengualerta, Dub Dillah, Apoff in Dub, Leona de Etiopia Gaby Red and Rastari Minajah, thanks to the special contribution of Green Beats Dub Netlabel who has coordinated the recordings in Mexico City. The work also features the music video of LET DEM A COME, first track from the album, directed by The Prispin Boys, and the videos of the released dub sessions done live and direct by deDUBros on their self-built dubstation! The marvelous cover has been created by Bianca Sardonini, talented 18 years old artist from Firenze as well. From the east to the west you’ll all love the vibe of these original production!