Chinese Bicycle Stories 自行車之錄

Chinese Bicycle Stories 自行車之錄

  • 语种:其他
  • 发行时间:2018-02-01
  • 类型:Single


It all started in Dali, Yunnan in 2009. While Moyer was on vacation there, he stopped in at a local barbershop on Renmin Lu to get his hair cut. On the wall were hanging various musical instruments including a 3-stringed banjo (Qinqin 秦琴). The Qinqin was at one time the most common instrument everywhere in China yet nowadays it is rarely seen or heard and it doesn’t have much status compared with popular plucked stringed instruments such as the Pipa. But for Moyer, who has always been interested in musical roots, essence and purity, the Qinqin was just the thing he was looking for. This particular Qinqin had been rebuilt by the barber, Mr. Chen Baoguo (陳保國), fitted with a pentatonic fret system: a beautiful set of musical limitations… and possibilities. To play it, you needed to use a pick which was the sawed-off tip of a goat horn. The barber let Moyer play the Qinqin. Moyer sat and played happily for about an hour. The barber said that he was getting older and didn’t play much anymore. After some humming and hawing he asked Moyer if he’d like to buy the Qinqin. This was the beginning of a new chapter in Moyer’s musical life adventure.