Broken Chinese EP2

Broken Chinese EP2

  • 流派:Rap/Hip Hop
  • 语种:粤语
  • 发行时间:2018-01-31
  • 唱片公司:DB Bros Records
  • 类型:EP


来自柏林Kreuzberg的粤语说唱音乐 ! Symbiz带着他们kick-ass低音音乐重返归来!他们将粤语融入到了音乐里持续向前推进。Symbiz在Dancehall, 嘻哈,Trap歌风里不断创作出令人惊奇的作品。在"Broken Chinese"系列的第二张专辑中,他们把过去几年的亲身经历写了进去(第一张发布于2018年1月25日)。两人在委内瑞拉、津巴布韦、印度、巴勒斯坦等地献上了精彩而又疯狂的演出。从大城市到小城市的各种狂欢派对里,Symbiz把不同文化以及对他们的理解自然地、和平地融合在一起。Symbiz不被人为局限而受限制,他们风趣的说要把来自加勒比海、伦敦、阿克拉以及外太空的灵感融合在一起。 Symbiz are back with their notion of kick-a** Bass music. Embedded in Cantonese Lyrics their music incessantly pushes forward. Thrilling and in constant motion, Symbiz plays around with influences of Dancehall, Hiphop and Trap. On their second EP from the series "Broken Chinese" (Release: Jan. 25th 2018) Symbiz mix their many experiences of the last years. The Duo has celebrated their ecstatic shows from Venezuela to Zimbabwe to India to Palestine. From rave-parties in major cities to festivals in the outback- the sound of Symbiz is molded by their own interpretation and vision of a world in which different cultures coexist peacefully and naturally. Symbiz are not limited by man-made borders, they playfully incorporate influences from the Caribbean, London, Accra and the Outer Space. They are part of a globally acting music scene. As a raving task-force they are taking on the world with their custom-built controllers, a real eyecatcher for all who witness their live show for the first time and a trade-mark and symbol for their uniqueness. They are "the No.1 alternative to Major Lazer" (bento/Der Spiegel). And Noisey Germany finds that their video of "Faai Di (快啲)" of the EP „Broken Chinese EP 1“ is the „[...] track, that propels every houseparty from 0 to 100." You just have to listen Symbiz to understand and more so, see them live in action. Straight forward, drilling in the stomach-area, like a wrecking-ball until even the lamest butt starts to move. Finest Bass-Kung-Fu, from Berlin to the world. YEERUH!"