Raymond Leppard

Raymond Leppard

中文名:Raymond Leppard 职业:指挥家 国籍:英国 出生日期:1927年8月11日 毕业院校:剑桥大学三一学院 别名:雷蒙德·李帕德 简介:Raymond Leppard, CBE (born 11 August 1927) is a British conductor and harpsichordist. He was born in London and grew up in Bath, where he was educated at the City of Bath Boys' School, now known as the Beechen Cliff School. A student of harpsichord and viola at Trinity College, Cambridge, he also was active as a choral conductor and served as music director of the Cambridge Philharmonic Society. In the 1960s, Leppard played an instrumental role in the rebirth of interest in baroque music; in particular, he was one of the first major conductors to perform baroque opera.


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