Darkness Falls

Darkness Falls

简介:Darkness Falls is a rock duo formed in 2009, consisting of Josephine Philip, vocals and keyboard, and Ina Lindgreen on bass & guitar. Darkness Falls create a dramatic atmospheric sound combining distorted twang guitars, haunting synths, gritty drums and striking vocals. Pop allure turns into noise only to revert back into harmony. Enticing lyrics collide with a drone like base, romance crashes into reality and hope and regret are equal on the scale. The tempo shifts, from sorrow to action, the girls are at the wheel and there is no rest for the wicked. The sound of Darkness Falls is not easily pinned down, traditional rock influences merge with contemporary arrangements, creating a dynamic and varied soundscape. You can revisit Darkness Falls many times and return with different impressions each time. Darkness Falls and you turn to your imagination. Josephine Phillip received international critical acclaim for her pop joint, JaConfetti, together with Ane Trolle. Philip has written and preformed with several acts, the latest being a track from the forthcoming Trentemøller album. Ina Lindgreen has played with numerous bands for the past decade, among them the all girl ska band Favelachic, where she met Philip. Anders Trentemøller is an established composer, producer and remixer. His second solo album is due out in May. Right now they are working on an EP, which should be out in 2010, and after that an album. More info to come...