Vivian Roost

Vivian Roost

简介:Somewhere between minimalism and neo-classical movement, inspired by Erik Satie, Claude Debussy, Ryuichi Sakamoto, Philip Glass and Michael Nyman, Vivian Roost is a Franco-Swiss international classical training pianist, composer and producer. Vivian Roost has taken part over more than 10 years in several audiovisual, theater projects and has composed for many artists. He is one of the songwriters behind the biggest selling French artist of 2010, ZAZ, who scored a double diamond record in France and sold over 3,4 million copies worldwide. After his first EP "Un autre monde" and his first album "Depart", well acclaimed by his international public, Vivian Roost released his second album "The Seasons" end of march 2019, beginning of the spring season. Inspired by haikus written by japanese poet as Bashō, Issa, The Seasons's project is a tour de force by which the composer manages to give the poem an open sense by using a plurality of piano. Each season has been recorded on four one-hundred-year-old pianos, tuned in four specific frequencies in order to simulate the transition of each season. 2020 is a very creative year, Vivian Roost is working on his new album. He released in july "Home", a delicate felt piano solo recorded at home on his piano vintage upright 1909 years old Pleyel. This year marks also the collaboration with the prestigious classical label Deutsche Grammophon for the PROJET XII : "Gymnopedie n2 - Vivian Roost Rework" released on DG label the 21st August. "So far so close" is his new piano solo piece, expressing the feeling between two lovers that are far away from each others but very close by their hearts and true love.